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Full FOI response from UK police forces - recorded thefts from vehicles
RAC Fuel Watch prices report for December 2017

An analysis of UK petrol and diesel prices covering the last month of 2017

Full FOI response from police forces - recorded cases of vehicle vandalism
RAC responds to TfL consultation on plans to increase Penalty Charge Notices for drivers

In September, Transport for London published proposals to increase PCNs for certain offences.

RAC responds to the BEIS Select Committee inquiry into electric vehicles

The RAC has submitted its response to the BEIS Select Committee

RAC responds to the joint committee inquiry into air quality

The RAC has submitted evidence to the Committee

Screengrab from the VCA 'car fuel data' website

A screengrab from the Vehicle Certification Agency's 'car fuel data' website, carrying a strong caveat for anyone trying to find the Euro emissions category of a car

RAC Fuel Watch prices report for October 2017

RAC Fuel Watch prices report for October 2017

Documents   •   Nov 03, 2017 09:41 GMT

The RAC's fuel prices report covering October 2017

Report on Motoring 2017 - congestion data by UK region

A breakdown by UK region of the traffic congestion data from the 2017 RAC Report on Motoring

RAC Fuel Watch prices report for September 2017

The RAC's fuel prices report covering September 2017

RAC responds to Mayor of London's transport strategy

The RAC responds to the Mayor's transport strategy, October 2017

Full FOI response from police forces - recorded vehicle thefts
Report on Motoring 2017

Report on Motoring 2017

Documents   •   Sep 21, 2017 00:01 BST

The full 2017 report, including a foreword from Ross Brawn

Seek the backing of your Member of Parliament for reform of the private parking sector by asking to back a new parking bill. Simply fill out the short sections of this letter and then either email or post it to your MP. Thanks for your support!

RAC Fuel Watch prices report for August 2017

RAC Fuel Watch prices report for August 2017

Documents   •   Sep 07, 2017 11:34 BST

The RAC's fuel prices report covering August 2017

RAC response to Scottish Government proposals on road works

The RAC's response to the Scottish Government consultation

The RAC's full response to the Defra draft clean air strategy

RAC Fuel Watch prices report - May 2017

RAC Fuel Watch prices report - May 2017

Documents   •   Jun 05, 2017 17:14 BST

The RAC's fuel prices report covering petrol and diesel price changes in May 2017

RAC Insurance responds to MoJ consultation on changes to the personal injury discount rate

RAC Insurance responded to the consultation on 11th May 2017