RAC on Budget 2017: "Current beleaguered owners of diesel cars can breathe a sigh of relief"

News   •   Nov 22, 2017 14:32 GMT

The RAC's Peter Williams reacts to today's Budget announcements - which included the Chancellor ruling out taxes on existing diesel drivers


RAC comments on launch of the Road Crash Index

News   •   Nov 21, 2017 10:41 GMT

The RAC's Pete Williams comments on the launch of the Index


Diesel duty hike in the Budget would not encourage drivers to switch their vehicles

Press Releases   •   Nov 20, 2017 00:01 GMT

The RAC has found that any increase to the amount of fuel duty paid on diesel at the pumps is unlikely to help reduce harmful nitrogen dioxide emissions


RAC comments on Islington Council's plans to charge drivers who park diesel vehicles

News   •   Nov 17, 2017 14:46 GMT

The RAC's Nicholas Lyes reacts to the latest move by Islington Council to discourage diesel vehicle use


RAC reacts to rise in number of untaxed vehicles on UK roads - plus loss in tax revenue

News   •   Nov 16, 2017 11:13 GMT

The RAC's Nicholas Lyes reacts to new government data out today that shows the Treasury is missing out on tax revenue of up to £107m a year due to a rise in untaxed vehicles


Drivers lack official source of vital emissions standards information

Press Releases   •   Nov 10, 2017 00:01 GMT

Millions of drivers have no easy way of finding out if they will be impacted by future efforts to tackle poor air quality in towns and cities, the RAC has found


RAC comments on the Government's plan to target new diesel car sales

News   •   Nov 09, 2017 23:12 GMT

The Government is proposing a tax or surcharge on sales of new diesel vehicles


Petrol price falls in October but price rises look imminent

Press Releases   •   Nov 03, 2017 00:01 GMT

New RAC Fuel Watch data points to rising prices at the forecourt


Motorists complain of worsening traffic on UK’s major roads

Press Releases   •   Nov 01, 2017 00:01 GMT

Six in 10 drivers say motorways are more congested than 12 months ago


RAC comments on the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill

News   •   Oct 24, 2017 12:20 BST

The RAC comments following publication and the 2nd reading of the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill

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